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Authors Abroad

As part of our commitment to our ‘More Able’ writers, two children had the opportunity to attend a storytelling workshop - led by the author Colin R Parsons - with Mr Pearson. Parsons has written many children’s novels and regularly tours schools to inspire children to write creatively. During the ‘Authors Abroad’ course at Shiphay Learning Academy in Torquay, Oscar Hegarty (Year 6) and Sophie Dyke (Year 5) grabbed their chance to show off their writing to a real-life author by penning their own version of ‘D.I.S.C’ - the latest release by Parsons. Later, the children (and Mr Pearson) were able to purchase novels by Parsons and have them signed! 


Civic Award: Nature Club

As part of their Civic Award, some members of Year 6 created their own nature art club. With only basic materials, each member made the most of what they had to create a range of crafty items.

"Our Civic Award group felt proud of what we have achieved by running a club. I personally think that people like what we do and the ideas we have to share."

- Mia Nyka-Szewczyk




LO: Develop character view points

As part of our Wallace and Gromit English topic, the pupils of 6AP explored how the two characters experienced exactly the same day, but had differing viewpoints about the events. They discovered that Wallace was completely oblivious to Gromit’s sarcasm and disgruntled eyebrows.

LO: Recap the methods for finding volume

As part of a recap on volume, Year 6 used Unifix cubes to represent the volume of cuboids in a concrete form, before using Book Creator on iPads to enable them to calculate it by using a more symbolic model and then finally applying the abstract formula on whiteboards as a means to check their answer. 

If you are interested in learning more about these three stages of Maths learning, please visit the following link for a brief explanation.



LO: To create atmosphere by combining varied sentence types and specific vocabulary

As part of their English learning, the Year 6 classes each watched a clip entitled 'The Dream Giver' and given the task to write what happens in the first minute or so of the clip.

The video can be found at:

Once everybody had created some atmospheric sentences, each class combined them into a shared write. The different classes approached the story with different view points.  Here are the results of the combined efforts of each class:


In the silent, slumbering city, descended a flickering light. Outside the shutters, there shone a glance of blinding orange radiance. Carefully pushing the shutters open with his bony, withered hands, a strange figure peered in. His human-like face appeared in the orphan's dormitory. Clear dragonfly wings fluttered behind him. Hopping down from the window-sill, he  glided towards a bed where a child lay sleeping. Gracefully pulling, he lifted a glowing, hessian bag from his shoulder. Placing it on the shabby bedstead, he scooped out a delicate, golden egg, firmly pressed it with his thumb and split it in half. Attentively pouring the golden yolk into the pink, ballet shoe, metallic coating rose and sank throughout the slipper, making it shimmer in the dark, gloomy room.


Silently, in the dead of night, the orphans slept in their damp, dull, cramped room. Zooming through the night sky, in a split second- like a hawk fixed on its prey- a mysterious creature darted across the ebony sky. It landed silently before creeping sinisterly onto the edge of the orphanage shutter. Suddenly, a butter-gold, glowing light came from behind the decrepit, shuttered windows. Outside, the cold wind blew as the golden light shone through the shutter. Bony fingers slowly curled around the oak shutters, forcing them to creak like a whining cat. Was the glow coming from this unknown figure? Peering through the open window, his dark eyes stared down at the innocent, sleeping children. Carefully, without wanting to wake them, the emaciated creature removed the list from inside his damp, ripped rags to check that he was in the right place. His bald, wrinkled head nodded. With a flutter of his torn wings, he descended into the room.





Maths in 6AP

Here are some examples of exemplar learning during Mathematics in 6AP. The children have worked extremely hard to challenge themselves and encourage their peers to ‘Be All They Can Be’ in all of their learning. 


LO: Recap and use circuit diagrams 

During our Space Invaders: The Final Frontier theme, the children have been exploring circuitry by designing and creating circuits - drawing accurate, scientific diagrams along the way. I must say - the pupils have been truly ‘sparked’ by their learning.   


6AP Book Reviews

As part of our World Book Day celebrations, the pupils of 6AP challenged themselves to write a review about one of their favourite books. The children focused on demonstrating their opinion, whilst using high-quality punctuation.


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

After reaching their target of 1500 Dojo points on Class Dojo, 6JCI voted for their reward to be reading the tragic story of The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas by John Boyne. Although we still have 60 pages to go, they spent part of World Book Day starting designs for alternative covers, posters and bookmarks based on the book. I think you'll agree that their designs capture both some of the chilling brutality of life under the regime, but also the brotherhood and humanity shown between two innocent children.

World Book Day in Year 6

To celebrate World Book Day 2017, Year 6 came into school in their pyjamas for some cosy bedtime reading. After reading with Year 2, the children settled down with their favourite books. Some made comfortable dens to get lost in their stories, others discussed their favourite authors, while others focused on reading accurately to help them succeed with Accelerated Reader.







Space Invaders Rocket Launches

To kick-start the second part of our space theme, Year 6 were given the task of designing and creating a rocket to launch. Powered by a fizzing conconction of Alka-Seltzer tablets and water, some rockets launched high into the sky, while others flopped and foamed on the launch pad. After the testing stage, the children discussed what ideas had been successful and what they would change if they made another rocket in the future.




Planetary Bodies

As part of their team building, each of the new table groups in 6JCI were given a planet to create and research. Over a few afternoons, they created a papier-mache model which they painted and labelled based on their research.




Exceptional Space Home Learning Projects

Year 6 were set the Home Learning task of creating a space project to bring in and share with the class. These examples stood out as being particularly inventive and creative models for our solar system.


Supporting Anode

Year 6 were able to help the vital work of Anode multiple times in one half term. One group of children were able to present Nigel Williams with a life changing donation of £107, which they had raised as part of their Civic Award. Fantastic work Kiya, Oscar, Jack, Asher and Ocean- keep it up.

Secondly, 6JCI put together their own gift hamper, knowing that it would help Anode to reach even more people this Christmas. It was packed with all kinds of festive treats that they'd brought in from home. 

Poppy Appeal

As part of their British Values learning and Civic Awards, members of Year 6 collected money for the Royal British Legion. In total, the school collected over £140 for this worthy cause.

Civic Award and School Association Bake Sale

Members of Year 6 joined forces with the School Association to sell some tasty cakes to the rest of the school as part of their Civic Award.




Maths - Fractions

By using fractions walls, members of 6AP were able to visualise and then justify their equivalent fraction answers.



The Maths Lab is open!

Mrs Benny's Maths lab is now open for business. All Upper Key Stage 2 children will have a chance to work in this purpose built work space and explore diffferent mathematical concepts and approaches.