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Les Miserables post show pictures: Liberté, égalité, fraternité!

Following their fantastic performance, some of Year 6 wanted one last chance to pose on the barricades in their fabulous costumes. Some of the teachers, who had been waiting for months, were able to have a chance to man the barricades, too!




Videos of the performance are available in the End Of Year Shows section of the school website. 


JCI Maths: Calculate the mean, median and range from a set of discrete data 

We worked collaboratively to measure and record our heights. Once recorded, we then set about calculating the median, mean and range. We even managed to find a few children with the same height. Consequently, we could also record a few examples of modes.




6CH Maths: Build a Dinosaur 

After a long week of assessment tests, 6CH Maths put their addition and strategy skills to the test to create a respectable multilink dinosaur.  Each multilink colour was worth a particular amount.  The children had to strategically create their dinosaurs to equal a total sum of 380 using a variety of colour combinations!!  Only one group succeeded!  The challenge was tough! Despite this, we had some good attempts at a 380 dinosaur.






6JCI English: Sinister Setting Descriptions 

In 6JCI we’re always aiming to improve our work. In fact, ‘Improve Everything’ is on our class charter. With this in mind we have been redrafting and improving our recent setting descriptions which focus on the church ruins of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, on the outskirts of Whitby. Starting by working in groups to complete some 'graffiti literacy', we then broke off into pairs to identify particularly powerful examples of imagery and description in each other's work. By working together we were able to identify any areas for improvement, share or successes and spot whether we had missed key success criteria from our setting toolkits.

The descriptions which came from this redrafting session were fantastic and we look forward to sharing them with you soon!



Topic: A Victorian School Day 

Year 6 were recently transported, by a little bit of Hayes magic, back to 1st December 1875. They experienced a day in the life of a Victorian schoolchild, complete with menial tasks, tables chanting, handwriting practice and of course the notorious dunce cap. Finger nail inspections and poor posture led to many children coming under the fiery gaze of the Schoolmaster, Sir Hanbury-Smythe.

A visiting Lady (Miss Victoria Hughes-Blatherington) and a mill foreman (Mr Cyril Tibbs) came to inspect the children and see if any had what it would take to work in a mill or as a maid.

Following the day long event, the children wrote a diary of events while reflecting how different our modern school lives are compared to those in the past.

Year 6 performed brilliantly throughout this bizarre school situation. They have even asked to have another Victorian day as a reward for all their recent hard work! 

We must thank all the children and their families who went to the effort of providing their child with a costume. From grubby chimney sweeps to upper class Ladies, we applaud your efforts in helping transport the children back in time.



PE: Handball

Group 2 were lucky enough to take part in one of Paignton Community & Sports Academy’s handball festivals. Every member of group 2 played brilliantly during the afternoon, especially considering many had only played the game once or twice before. Impressively, the A team went on to place in the Torbay Handball Tournament and will be representing Hayes against schools from across Torbay in weeks to come.


Science: An Eggscellent Eggsperiment!  

As part of our Forces mini-theme from earlier this term, Year 6 were set the eggsciting challenge of applying their knowledge of air resistance and different materials while creating a means of protecting an egg when it is dropped from a height. Some almost cracked under the pressure, but by the end, everyone rallied and felt eggstatic at how successful almost all of the parachutes had been.

Many though the experiment would be conducted from head height; little did they realise that the year 6 team would be launching them from the roof!

Following the launches and recordings, each table analysed their design and discussed what went well & why. As a class, we then discussed how we could improve each design if we were able to perform a second launch.






Science/ Topic: Extraordinary Evolution Topic Outcome

After studying the process of evolution and variation through both natural and engineered selection, Year 6 were set the task of introducing this complex theory to a younger year group. Like the budding young scientists they are, they rose to the challenge and designed interactive and purposeful tasks with which to teach their younger peers.

Whether through bespoke board games, match up activities or mini quizzes, the year 6’s were able to help year 4 to understand the evolutionary process. Within the task they were required to assess their learner’s understanding, causing them to reflect on how best to approach their own learning. Throughout the task they showed exemplary teamwork and determination. Following the mini-lessons, family members were invited in to see the children’s excellent work.


PE: Tag Rugby Festival

Half of year 6 took part in the Autumn Tag Rugby Festival, held at Paignton Rugby Club and organised by Paignton Community and Sports Academy. After a warm up and some training, delivered by PCSA's young leaders, the teams took to the field for an afternoon of competitive sport.