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Y3/4 Creative Curriculum, Autumn 2 focus, New Zealand


Our work on New Zealand has focused around the traditional Mauri tale of ‘Maui Catches the Sun’.

We have used this tale and others in our work in Literacy and the culmination of our work will be the children writing their own traditional tale based on those from the Mauri culture.

In Science, we have looked at the classification of animals and used animals found in New Zealand as a starting point for this.

Our PE work has very much been based around the children learning the HAKA and they have linked this with Computing, filming themselves and each other doing this.

The children have created E-books in Computing, which have been based on a specific area of New Zealand culture, chosen by the children in their collaborative groups.

The Mauri art of face tattooing, Ta Moko, has been our focus for our work in Art and the children have created their own designs for this whilst learning about the reasoning behind the placement of various designs on the faces of both male and female Mauri New Zealanders.

Geography has been a key driver for our work on New Zealand and the children have very much enjoyed finding out about various aspects of the physical and human geography of New Zealand.

Topic: Saxons

As part of our Saxons unit, we were lucky enough to have some very special visitors who taught us all about life in Saxon times.  These pictures show some of the activities that we took part in, including 4TG learning about wood-carving with Pedr from the Hildsvin Reenactment group. In addition, you can see us hard at work creating our model villages and there’s even a picture of a Saxon gentleman who looks suspiciously like Mr Capp-Isaksen!