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Teaching and Learning

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British Values

At Hayes, we believe that values education has a crucial role in education, because it plays a part in raising achievement, and it encourages pupils to be self-disciplined active learners.

Values education supports quality teaching and learning, whilst making a positive contribution to the development of a fair, just and civil society.

The values we have chosen to adopt include Aspiration, Resilience, Friendship, Success, Discovery & Responsibility underpin British values. However, British Values are also taught and discussed explicitly 

How we promote British Values at Hayes:

  • By teachers explaining the meaning of the value
  • By pupils reflecting on the value and what it means to them and their own behaviour
  • By pupils using the value to guide their own actions
  • By staff modelling the value through their own behaviour
  • By ensuring that values are taught implicitly through every aspect of the curriculum
  • Through the work of the school council
  • By involving all staff, governors and parents in the values programme, through newsletters which explain how school and home can work together to promote positive values