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Life Education Bus


Wow! We packed a lot into our visit on the Life Education Bus.  We looked at the human body, how it works and some of our main organs and where they are located in our bodies.  We know that we wouldn’t be able to stand up without bones!  Children met Harold the Giraffe and we learnt how to take care of our bodies and stay safe with medicines. Children loved cheering Harold up when he was feeling a bit sad and made suggestions using the telephone to help him cheer up.




A visit from the Donkey Sanctuary


Carl, his staff and 2 donkeys came to visit Hayes School. The children were so excited and had been working hard preparing questions to find out more about the donkeys. Some children read out their questions in our Donkey Assembly and we all found out lots about them, including that they like to drink warm water or even tea in the cold winter months!  Although the weather was very chilly, the children loved going out into our playground and seeing our special visitors. They asked more questions and had a chance to stroke the donkeys and watch them eating.




The Reception children have all settled in very well. They are making good friendships and have been busy exploring all the resources and activities. The children have shown us independence as they choose their dinner and are able to find a seat near their friends. The children have been ‘Tryatops’ with the food and are excited to know what is on the menu each day.


The children have been learning their sounds during phonics and are enjoying sharing the reading books in school and at home. They have shown a very keen attitude to learning with handwriting in small groups and having a go during Independent Activity time. 



What a super start to their Reception year at Hayes School!


Decorating Biscuits

We all enjoyed decorating biscuits and getting messy with the icing and sprinkles. This was a good activity for fine motor skills, eye and hand coordination, also Speech and Language. The children started by verbally planning their design for their biscuit and reviewed the finished product.




The children are working hard in maths as they learn to recognise, count and match numbers. They love the fun number games outside. This week the children have been finding one more on a given number to 10 and then to 20.



Our First School Trip to Paignton Zoo

The Reception children really enjoyed their first school trip to Paignton zoo with their friends. We are so proud of how well all the children behaved. We had lots of fun looking at all of the animals and reading signs, talking about their appearance and seeing what part of the world they came from.

The children were really engaged during our workshop in the Education Centre. They learnt the meaning of new words e.g. ‘carnivore’ ‘herbivore’ and discussed which animals eat which foods. All of the children used gentle hands exploring the artifacts such as an elephants skull, leopards fur and snakes skin.


“I had the best day ever.” (Jacob)

“Look that monkey has makeup on.” (Bobby)

“Look the giraffe is having a wee, it’s like a waterfall” (Butterfly class)

“The camel’s aren’t there, maybe they are shopping in Sainsburys” (Dragonfly class)

“That monkey is being naughty banging on the glass” (Jack)