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Outside Classroom Day! 


The Reception children were totally engaged in their Outside Classroom day down at Goodrington beach. We had a full packed day with Ali Murray from Beach Schools building dens, looking for treasure, rock pooling and eating delicious marshmallows on a campfire.

Jensen took his den building very seriously, understanding that the den needs to keep us safe, dry and warm.

Tommy and Malik made a garden just outside their den, collecting natural materials from the beach.

‘I had the best day ever’ Mikah

‘I tried the toasted marshmallow for the first time and I loved it. I was a Riskatops!’ CJ.






















Occombe Farm


The children explored the farm and the animals, discussing how to care for them and comparing the different features on their bodies. We made and baked tomato, garlic and rosemary focaccia bread, following instructions and learning how to knead the dough. The children picked the herbs from the garden area to add to the bread.

We went on the nature trail and were amazed that we found tadpoles in the deep muddy puddles within the wood. The bird hide was a great place to quietly watch the birds and count how many squirrels were sharing the bird food.

Also because we had our welly boots on, we all loved jumping in the mud.

A very fun day!













The Donkeys Visit School

The donkey sanctuary from Ivybridge came to visit us in the playground.

The children learnt how to look after donkeys and they could compare the differences between the happy looked after donkeys and the sad donkeys.

Children knew how to look after the donkeys general wellbeing, knowing that their coat needs to be brushed, hooves must be clipped every 6 weeks and the foods they enjoy eating.

The children were Riskatops, as they carefully stroked the donkeys and observed their features.










Pancake Day

Our trip to Morrison for pancake ingredients.

The children have been learning the value of money, recognising coins and with support can add coins together to find an amount. The children had lots of practise during their independent learning in our Supermarket roleplay using lots of language associated with money. The children wrote a shopping list for the ingredients they needed to make pancakes which they then took to Morrisons.

All of the children then bought the pancake ingredients so we could cook them back at school. They had to look carefully at the signs above the aisles and check the price of each produce, making sure we had enough money. We then took our basket of goods to the till to pay and pack in to our shopping bags. The following day the children enjoyed the pancakes, choosing which of the toppings they would like to try.

The children could then complete the instructions in their writing session for how to make pancakes. These are displayed on our working walls.



















World Book Day 2017

“Wake up sleepyheads” it’s World Book Day!

The children came to school in their pyjamas for World Book Day linked to our bedtime theme. They enjoyed listening to stories about bedtime, snuggling with their blankets and teddies whilst enjoying yummy hot chocolate.  The children also paired up with year 4 children to ready to one another and comment about the book. In Reception we promote lots of reading at home, especially at bedtime.

Mr Boys made us laugh in assembly as he dressed up to act out a one of David Walliams stories using amazing expression and drama skills. As a class, we talked about our favourite books we like to read at home and we are looking forward to our next trip to Paignton library closer to Easter.