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May 2019

The weather has been beautiful throughout May, which can only mean one thing… lots of outside play! The children have been planting sunflowers and tomato seeds and getting extremely muddy. Of course there have also been lots of water play too! The children have also been ‘Tryatops’ this month, as they have been trying to put on their coats and dressing up costumes without any help from the adults.





April 2019

The children are doing so well in phonics and all the adults are very proud of them. They have been matching the correct sound to go with the object and some of the children have even started writing CVC words. We have been looking at different types of transportation and the children have enjoyed playing with the tractors and cars outside. We have also been looking at 2D shapes and matching everyday objects to go in the correct shaped boxes.





March 2019

We have been taking part in lots of experiments throughout March. The children especially enjoyed taking part in the skittle experiment and watching the colours make a rainbow. We have been making lots of marks and patterns using paint brushes and different coloured rice and some of the children even started to write their name in the rice! The children made a spring season hoop, which has lots of sheep, daffodils and chicks on it. It looks great and brightens up our classroom.





February 2019


The children have been finding different resources outside and inside to make dens this month. Once they where in the den, they enjoyed reading and writing in there! The children have been recognising numbers to 20 and are trying very hard to put them in order. We are very proud of them! They have also been going on bug hunts around the playground, so far we have found an ant, a spider and a caterpillar!





January 2019

We would like to welcome back the children from the Christmas break and we would also like to welcome the new children that have started with us this term! All of the children have settled in very well and are all making lovely friendships.  The children have been enjoying finding new and exciting ways to mark make in the environment, whether that be inside with the paint and pens or outside with the water and sand.






December 2018

This month the children have been very busy with Christmas nativities, parties and decorating our Christmas tree! We would just like to wish all of the children and parents in the Nursery a Merry Christmas and we can’t wait to see you all in January. We are so very proud of all of the children. Here are just a few pictures of the fun we have been having throughout December!





November 2018

November has been a very exciting month! The Gruffalo sneaked into the Nursery playground and hid lots of letters. The children had to go around the playground and tell us the sounds the children had found. The children enjoyed making fireworks this month, using toilet rolls, paint and lots of glitter! Finally they have also been very busy trying to recognise numbers to 20! We are all very proud of the children at Nursery and can’t wait to see what December brings.






October 2018

This month the children have been learning about 2D shapes, and what better way to learn about shapes then to make ‘Shape Cookies’. The children enjoyed cutting out their chosen shape and counting how many corners or sides their shape had. The children have also been ‘Riskatops’ this month, they have been independently climbing on the equipment without any help from an adult! For Halloween the children have been making a magic potion, they enjoyed getting very messy for that activity!





September 2018

All of the Nursery staff are incredibly proud of how well all of the children have settled into Nursery. The children have been learning their sounds by matching the sound to the correct object. They have also been making clay leaves, making sure to paint them the correct colour as the leaves on the trees outside.