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June 2016

In the Reading Corner and on the Writing Table, we are using our letter sounds to read and write new words. We have had lots of fun playing with the remote control cars and trucks. We found it tricky at first, but now we can make them go really fast and follow instructions.





May 2016

In Nursery, we are getting really confident selecting our own programs on the computer. We have also been enjoying playing with the water, dressing up and catching our number fish outside. The flowers, fruits and vegetables are really growing in our garden. We can’t wait to taste the apples and raspberries





April 2016

We have been enjoying the lovely sunshine and have spent lots of time outside. We love using all our new toys, now we have artificial grass on the playground. We have been building in the large sand pit, dressing up as super heroes and having a tea party. We have also been printing numbers, practising writing our names and having fun in our Gruffalo role play.





March 2016

We have been very busy weeding and planting flowers in our garden this month.  We planted our sunflower seeds and are looking forward to watching them grow. We have been learning about India and turned our role play in to an Indian Restaurant. We made a curry using lots of different vegetables. We are also practising our counting and are remembering to move the objects as we count them.





February 2016

In Nursery this month we have had lots of fun making different size icebergs for our penguins. Which iceberg will be the first to melt? We have enjoyed cooking pancakes and trying different fillings. Chocolate spread was the most popular! We have also made Valentines hearts out of clay and decorated them with paint and glitter.




January 2016

In Nursery this month the children have been learning how to form their letters correctly using the large whiteboard and the chalks outside. We have also been investigating in the sensory tray using the magnets and colour viewers. The children have had lots of fun dressing up as the emergency services in our role play and playing on the drums outside.





Autumn 2015

The children have all settled well in to Nursery and have been busy making new friends and trying new activities. The children have been learning about changes in the seasons. They have been on an ‘Autumn walk’, collecting leaves and making leaf rubbings. Other activities include phonic and number games, music with Mr Boys, leaf printing using clay and making popcorn. The children were also very excited to welcome our new class hamster called Herbie.