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Governors (Members and Trustees)

The Governors at Hayes School are committed to supporting the school's vision of creating and maintaining a happy but rigorous learning environment where everyone tries to “be all you can be” in everything they do.

We will achieve this vision by having a robust governance framework and procedures to ensure the school is suitably supported and challenged to achieve the vision.

Hayes School has an established Full Governing Body and Committees including a Finance and Buildings Committee (FB), and Teaching, Learning and Standards Committee (TLS).  The Board manages the business of the Trust and its focus is on the three core functions of governance:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; 
  • Holding executive leaders to account for educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and 
  • Overseeing financial performance and making sure money is well spent. 
  • To send a message to any Governor, email

The Annual General Meeting with Members will be held on 28th June 2022

Governors/Trustees of Hayes School

Name Status Term of Office Membership of Committee (Responsibility)

Attendance 2020/21

Nigel Williams

Member, Chair of Governors, Vice Chair of Curriculum Committee 15/07/2019 - 14/07/2023 Members, FGB (Chair), TLS, Finance & Buildings, Curriculum Members 1/1

My name is Nigel Williams and my main interest is to help people to be all they can be!

As both a Minister, and as Chair of Governors at Hayes School I have the opportunity to impact on lives and to see both adults and children grasp hold of a future that encourages them to achieve, to be confident, and be self-assured in their ability.  We are fortunate to have the best teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and Governors, who give their all to making the School the best it can be and being cheerleaders for each child to succeed and be their unique self.  I am committed to doing all I can to help in this cause.  

Alex Howarth

Member & Trustee, Chair of TLS


15/07/2019 - 14/07/2023


FGB , TLS (Chair), Curriculum

FGB 3/3

TLS 3/3   Data 1/1

Members 1/1

FB 2/3     Pay 1/1

My name is Alex Howarth and I am a Parent Governor at Hayes School. I am also the Chair of the Teaching, Learning and Standards Committee.  I am proud that three of my children have attended Hayes (two are still on roll) and I am motivated to ensure the school is providing the very best opportunities for their education. I am a qualified teacher and currently work in the management team at South Devon College.   If you would like to know anything more about the role of Governors you can email me via: 



Member 15/07/2019 - 14/07/2023 Members Members 1/1
Ian Spencer Parent Trustee (appointed by parents) 03/02/2020 – 02/02/2024

Finance/Buildings (Chair)


FGB  3/3

FB 3/3   DC 1/1

TLS 3/3

Sarah Giles

Partnership Trustee


15/07/2019- 14/07/2023

Vice Chair of FGB


Teaching, Learning & Standards

FGB 3/3

FB 2/3

TLS 3/3    DC 1/1

Helen Hill

Parent Trustee (appointed by parents)

Health and safety

18/10/2021 – 17/10/2025

Teaching, Learning & Standards

(Vice Chair of FGB)


FGB 2/3

FB 2/3

TLS 2/3

Helene Warren Parent (appointed by parents) 15/07/2019 - 14/07/2023

Finance & Buildings


FGB 2/3

FB 2/3

TLS 0/3    DC 0/1

Mark Hanbury


01.04.15 - ongoing

Full Governing Body



FGB 3/3

FB 3/3

TLS 3/3    DC 1/1


Emma Bamber Deputy Headteacher 05.12.18 - 04.12.22



Teaching, Learning & Standards

FGB 3/3

FB 3/3

TLS 3/3   DC 1/1

Allison Grant Clerk  28.03.18 - Ongoing  Attending all Meetings Clerk to Governors
Surname Forename Position No interest (X) Name of Business Nature of Business  Nature of Interest Date interest began
Nigel Williams Chair of Governors & Member   Assembled School assemblies Director 07/21
Bamber Emma Deputy Headteacher X       01/09/2018
Hanbury Mark Headteacher       Headteacher 04/2015
Hanbury Mark Headteacher   Torbay Teaching School Teaching School Chair of ITE Board 09/2015
Giles Sarah Trustee         13/04/2015
Hill Helen Trustee   Brixham College School Employee 12/10/2016
Howarth Alex Trustee & Member   South Devon College College Member of SLT 11/09/2014
Howarth Alex Trustee & Member   Torbay Local Authority Local Government High Needs Recovery Group Sept 2019
Howarth Alex Trustee & Member  


Charity Trustee & Director 11/09/2014
Warren Helene Trustee   Clarendon Court  Housing Association Director 01/04/2015
Warren Helene Trustee   Paignton Academy School Teacher 01/04/2015
Spencer Ian Trustee   Barton Solicitors Solicitors Director 03/02/2020
Hacon Jeff Member   St John the Baptist Church, Shiphay Church Reader 15/07/2019