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Governors (Members and Trustees)

The Governors at Hayes School are committed to supporting the school's vision of creating and maintaining a happy but rigorous learning environment where everyone tries to “be all you can be” in everything they do.

We will achieve this by having a robust governance framework and procedures to ensure the school is suitably supported and challenged to achieve the vision.  Our Full Governing Body (FGB) is supported by Committees for Finance and Buildings (FB), Teaching, Learning and Standards (TLS) and Curriculum (CC).  All our Governors attend all Committee meetings.  The Board manages the business of the Trust and its focus is on the three core functions of governance:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction; 
  • Holding executive leaders to account for educational performance of the organisation and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and 
  • Overseeing financial performance and making sure money is well spent. 
  • To send a message to any Governor, email

The Annual General Meeting with Members will be held on 25th June 2024

The Annual Members' meeting will be held on 25th June 2024

Governors/Trustees of Hayes School

Name Membership and Term of Office Pen Portrait

Nigel Williams: 

Member, Chair of Governors, Vice Chair of Curriculum Committee 

Term: 18/10/2021 - 17/10/2025

My name is Nigel Williams and my main interest is to help people to be all they can be!   As both a Minister, and as Chair of Governors at Hayes School I have the opportunity to impact on lives and to see both adults and children grasp hold of a future that encourages them to achieve, to be confident, and be self-assured in their ability.  We are fortunate to have the best teachers, teaching assistants, support staff and Governors, who give their all to making the School the best it can be and being cheerleaders for each child to succeed and be their unique self.  I am committed to doing all I can to help in this cause.

Alex Howarth:


15/07/2019 - 14/07/2025

My name is Alex Howarth, and I am a Member at Hayes School. I have also been Chair of Governors and Chair of the Teaching, Learning and Standards Committee.  I am proud that three of my children have attended Hayes, and I am motivated to ensure the school is providing the very best opportunities for education. I am a qualified teacher and currently work in the management team at South Devon College.   


Jeff Hacon:


15/07/2019 - 14/07/2025


Adrian Bartlett


23/05/24 - 


My name is Adrian Bartlett and I am a member at Hayes School. I am a retired local fisherman and a Director of the Plymouth Fishing & Seafood Association supporting the Local Fishing Industry and to showcase locally caught seafood. Providing support for local people in where, who, when your seafood was caught, how to prepare, cook and enjoy simple seafood recipes.


Tracey McMenemy


09/07/2024 - 08/07/2028


Mark Hanbury:


01/04/2015 - ongoing

My name is Mark Hanbury and I have been Headteacher at Hayes School since 2015.  I am passionate about achieving our vision of our children succeeding to 'be all they can be' and dedicated to working with the whole school community to achieve this.

Patrice White:

Deputy Headteacher

11/10/2022 - 10/10/2026

My name is Patrice White and I joined Hayes as Deputy Headteacher in September 2022.  I am  extremely impressed by the community feel of the school and strong sense of purpose – everyone is fully immersed in the amazing experiences on offer. I recently moved to Brixham from Derbyshire and have a four-year old son.  I am determined to help Hayes School be the best it can be!

Sarah Giles

Partnership Governor, 

Safeguarding, Vice Chair of FGB

18/04/2023- 17/04/2027

My name is Sarah Giles and I joined Hayes as a Partnership Governor in 2015. I am also the Safeguarding Governor and Vice Chair of the Full Governing Board. Having lived in Paignton all my life, I really love this area and enjoy being close to the sea and the moors. I have worked in Personnel Departments of various local businesses for 25+ years. I completed my degree in Early Years Care, Child Development and Education in 2017. I am lucky to have the opportunity to use my experience and knowledge of the local community to support everyone at Hayes in whatever way I can. I feel we have a great team working at Hayes and, together, we can achieve our full potential.

Jude Cummins:

Community Governor

22/11/2022 -  21/11/2026

My name is Jude Cummins and I am a parent governor, with daughters in year 3 and year 6. I am a qualified Music teacher and Early Years Music specialist and have a real passion for education, particularly in the Early Years, where children’s early experiences have such an impact on their future success. I am dedicated to supporting the school in ensuring that all children have many varied opportunities to develop their skills and confidence, and that Hayes School provides a safe and supporting environment where children can flourish.       


Andrew Ferrier

07/03/2023 - 06/03/2027

Chair - Finance & Buildings  Committee

Community Governor

Claire Davis

01/04/24 - 31/03/28

Community Governor


Janet Morrell Clerk 27.11.23 - Ongoing Clerk to Governors