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School Lunches

Hayes School is committed to providing the best possible catering service to all pupils, staff and visitors.  Our menus are agreed with health professionals to ensure we provide the right balance of foods that children need each day for optimal growth and development.  

Attached below is the school lunch menu for Autumn Term 2 2019.

Please make sure you double check that you are looking at the correct week!

Ordering dinner using wristbands

Our process for children to order dinners has changed to improve choice and planning - see below for details

School Dinners Consultation

We carried out a school dinner consultation in July 2018 and the report detailing the results of this is detailed below.  


We will be working with the School Council to improve our catering service and menus and will be holding pupil and parent taster days later this year.  If you would like to be involved, please email the office at: